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What’s the Flavour of Your Caesar?

Updated: Oct 18, 2018

So, how do you like your Caesar? Mild and savoury? Spicy and hot?

Canada is a nation of folks with a wide variety of backgrounds and preferences—and that goes for our taste buds! No two of us are alike, and it’s the same with our palettes. What’s mouthwateringly tasty to one Canadian might be baffling for another. But there’s one thing that most Canadians can agree on:

The Caesar cocktail is one of the most delicious tasting beverages on the planet!

But even with our love of Canada’s National Cocktail, everyone has their own opinion about what makes a Caesar great. One person might like it a little spicier, another wants it to be a little more savoury, some people like it on the sweeter side, while others crave it on the smokey side with bacon!

Mott’s Clamato totally gets it. No two palettes are the same, and Canadians deserve choices when it comes to their cocktails! As the makers of Canada’s favourite tomato clam cocktail base for Caesars, they not only offer straight, classic clam juice without any added bells and whistles, but also a variety of flavour variations to make your Caesar your Caesar!

For Those Who Like it Traditional

Sometimes, original best.

Original Mott’s Clamato is kind of like vanilla ice cream. Sure, there are other flavours to choose from, but when something is so purely delicious and perfect just as it is, why mess with a good thing? Who needs mint chocolate chip and tiger tail when vanilla is simple perfection? It’s the same with Mott’s Clamato Original Caesar mix.

When Walter Chell developed the very first Caesar at the Calgary Inn way back in ‘69, he probably didn’t have any idea what he was starting. It was supposed to be a celebratory drink for the opening of a new Italian restaurant. Ultimately, it became a drink that exemplifies what it means to be Canadian.

In Walter’s original Caesar, he included vodka, clam juice, tomato juice, and some spices. And it was perfect. That’s the classic experience you get when you buy Mott’s Clamato Original. You get the delicious, simple, and perfectly savoury taste that Canadians all across the country love. There’s a reason why the Caesar is our national cocktail and the flavour of the original Clamato juice is it.

For Those Who Like it Hot

Some like it hot! For many people’s taste buds, you only need to add a little bit of heat for the flavour to jump up from 1 to 11. Tabasco sauce or other hot sauces are often added by bartenders across the country to give their Caesar an extra kick.

Spicy Caesars aren’t for everyone, but there are those who wouldn’t want their Caesar any other way. The problem is that sometimes it can be hard to get that heat level quite right, and often what seems like a dash of hot sauce ends up more like a double whammy!

If you want just the right amount of heat in your Caesar, you can skip the trial and error of adding hot sauce yourself and simply pick up Mott’s Clamato Extra Spicy cocktail with vodka for the perfectly balanced spicy treat. It’s 2x as spicy as the original, so it’s just perfect to get your tongue “singing”.

For Those Who Like it Bold

It’s become somewhat of a bartender passtime to see how much delicious “stuff” they can pile on top of a Caesar. From coast to coast, there are Caesars garnished with everything from a basic stick of celery to an entire cheeseburger balanced on the the side of the glass.

One of the most popular garnishes for Caesars are pickles! Who doesn’t love the tangy zing of a pickle to complement their Clamato and vodka cocktail enjoyment? Dill cucumbers and pickled beans are very popular Caesar garnishes, thanks to their salty sour goodness. They perfectly pair with the Caesar’s savoury taste, giving is an extra bold and tangy flavour.

Rather than fussing with your own garnish preparation, you can add that bold flavour to your Caesar by using brand new Mott’s Clamato Pickled Bean cocktail! You’ll love the tangy and bold kick it adds to your old favourite.

For Those Who Like a Twist

Here’s a little culinary trick: If you want to brighten up the taste of something, add a twist of citrus! It works with just about anything. Chicken soup stock, pasta sauce, pesto, and cocktails galore. Just add a bit of lemon or lime and it will act as a flavour enhancer, much like salt, to wake up your palette.

Citrus won’t add sourness to your cocktail; instead it’ll just add an extra sharpness that intensifies the sensation of a Caesar hitting your tongue. And who doesn’t want that???

Mott’s Clamato Lime cocktail instantly gives you that hit of freshness, adding an extra special twist to every sip of your Caesar. And it doesn’t stop there! That citrus twist also makes Mott’s Clamato Lime perfect for a non-alcoholic cocktail if you’re the one driving everyone else home that night. (Thank you for your sacrifice!)

For Those Who Like it ALL

When someone asks what you want on your pizza, are you the person who answers, “I want the works!” What about potato chips? Are you an “all dressed” kind of Canuck? Sometimes, you might want the same celebration of flavour with your Caesar. There are so many garnishes, extra spices, hot sauces, and other random ingredients that all complement and enhance a Caesar so well that it can sometimes be impossible to keep track of them all. But for someone who wants “The Works”, Mott’s Clamato The Works Clamato cocktail gives you just that!

Mott’s Clamato The Works is, of course, based around perfect tomato clam cocktail juice… But then Mott’s Clamato hits it with extra spices and seasoning. POW! Then they add a shot of hot sauce to give it that flavour boost so many people crave and love. BOOM! And then, to really make the flavour something special, they add just a bit of horseradish. KAZAM! Horseradish is a very popular condiment added to Caesars in bars across the country and it really livens up your entire mouth. Frankly, you can’t get a Caesar packed with more flavours than this!

With so many flavours to choose from, Mott’s Clamato has a Caesar-base for all Canadians, regardless of taste preferences. When you don’t have the time to make a “from scratch” Caesar, or you just want to take a few Caesars out to the cottage with you or on a road trip, Mott’s has you covered there too. Mott’s offers “Ready to Drink” Caesars in Original, Extra Spicy, Lime, Pickled Bean, and NEW Mott’s Clamato The Works flavours that can be found in your local liquor store! These are the ultimate in convenience and deliciousness. Already mixed with the perfect ratio of vodka to Clamato, you just need to grab a bottle and you’ll be well on your way to a delicious and delightful drink!

You’re going to find all of these flavours of delicious Mott’s Clamato cocktail along with dozens of different variations of Caesars this July 22nd at Caesar Fest in Toronto! You can join fellow Canadian Caesar lovers who are ready to celebrate our national drink in the best possible way: right down the gullet!

If you’d like to learn more about the event, please follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and keep up-to-date about any announcements or developments!

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